Room divider

Create atmosphere, appearance and character.

The room divider gives every desired room a natural boost thanks to its traditional and personalized look. Whether it concerns your office or catering space.

Why the room divider in your space?

Top quality

The room divider is a handmade product of high quality. No mass production, no full automation. ATMK stands for authentic products, made with passion and pleasure from inspiring and creative ideas.


ATMK works passionately with natural materials. The room divider is made of FSC-approved oak from France. In this way we guarantee the durability of our products and the quality.


Plants are friends! Plants have a purifying effect and convert Co2 into oxygen. This makes the air in your room purer and more pleasant. Make the room divider more natural with beautiful plants.


A logo or text on wood provides a warm and professional appearance. This gives the room divider a personal touch, tailored to your specific wishes and requirements. The room divider will be a real eye-catcher.


With its perfect dimensions, the room divider ensures that you do not have to consciously think about the 1.5-meter measure in the desired room. The room divider is completely ‘one-and-a-half-meter proof’ due to its size. In addition, the room divider can be made mobile, so that you can move it easily and quickly.

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