Disinfection column

Hygienic, practical and stylish

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus, good hygiene has become more important than ever. With a movable and attractive disinfection column, visitors, colleagues, guests or customers can visit the building safely and hygienically with disinfected hands. Our wooden disinfection column has been specially developed for your shop, company, office building or catering area.

A disinfection column for your building, but why that of ATMK?

Good hygiene

In this day and age hygiene is of paramount importance. Proper hand disinfection is a very important point of attention. This way you prevent germs and bacteria from spreading. With our disinfection column, the hands of your visitors, colleagues, guests and customers can be disinfected quickly and easily, so that you can continue to receive them safely.


The disinfection column has a practical size and can be placed in any desired space. It is easy to move and can be placed in a practical place, for example at the entrance. This way you never overlook the disinfection column and hygiene is guaranteed. The handy soap dispenser is easy to operate, so that hands can be disinfected. Thus, the disinfection column is not only hygienic, but also practical.


ATMK has made a stylish disinfection column with the right attention. This is made of beautiful and high-quality wood. The disinfection column is available in the colors black and white and is equipped with a handy soap dispenser. This way it always fits perfectly into the room.


Personalize your disinfection column with a logo or text? That is possible at ATMK. The column can be provided with various images and texts. These can be lasered or engraved on the wood. This gives it a personal touch and professional appearance.

“Good hygiene, always and everywhere: the disinfection column is extremely suitable for your shop, supermarket, company, office building or catering area!”

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