Wooden cutting board

Durable, top quality cutting boards

A chef swears by a high-quality knife set and a ditto cutting board. The basis of a well-equipped kitchen! ATMK is happy to contribute to this. We manufacture handmade cutting boards exclusively from FSC-approved oak from France or elm from the Netherlands. 100% natural and sustainable!

In addition to sustainability, quality is our most important core value. We make all our cutting boards by hand from one piece of solid wood. This way the boards warp less quickly and last a long time. The advantage of our wooden cutting boards is that they also contribute to a longer life of the knives; they become blunt significantly less quickly when used on ATMK planks compared to glass and slate planks.

Hygiene in the kitchen

Every catering entrepreneur has to deal with it: hygiene. An important point of attention, especially in the kitchen! Our wooden cutting boards naturally have an antibacterial effect; wood inhibits the growth of bacteria and can even eradicate bacteria. Because we treat the cutting boards with white mineral oil, they are also provided with a good protective layer that makes the board even more resistant to dirt and moisture.

Get more out of your cutting board!

A cutting board as a serving board? ATMK makes it possible. The robust, warm appearance of the cutting board is perfect for presenting a variety of dishes. Not only in the kitchen, but also on the table! In addition, personalize the cutting board with a logo, image or text appropriate to the company, to complete it. If desired, we mill a gutter on the outer edge to collect meat juices and / or tailor-made floors for, among other things, (sauce) dishes and soup bowls. Read more about personalizing the cutting board!

Unique in the Netherlands: Finest serving boards.

A serving board with all the positive properties of a wooden board, which can also be put in the dishwasher? ATMK introduces: Finest. Read more about this unique product!

Wil je ook een duurzame en ambachtelijke Finest snij- en serveerplank? Neem een kijkje in de shop!